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Access support whenever you like, and with the provider of your choosing.
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Getting Started

Step 1: Sign up

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up at no cost for anyone
Step 2: Book your appointment

Step 2: Book your appointment

Choose a provider that resonates, at a time that suits!
Step 3: Have appointment

Step 3: Have appointment

Connect over video right here & improve your wellness!
Step 4: Continue wellness journey

Step 4: Continue wellness journey

Through the trusted Becon Health community

Why Becon Health is Right for You

Booking made easy

No need to answer 100 questions to sign up. Let's just get it done!

Community vibe

The providers on Becon Health are a network of people that believe in opening up access to allied healthcare

Absolute convenience

Connect with trusted providers anywhere, anytime, however you like. Feel comfortable in your own surrounds

No risk

Only pay for the bookings you make – there are no sneaky sign-up fees


You don’t have to be a tech guru to have an online appointment! There are no downloads. Anyone can access Becon Health and we’re here to help!


There’s strong evidence that online treatments are as effective as face-to-face support in multiple areas

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