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You can through our robust courses and budding community. You'll have the
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Being in private practice can be isolating without the right support. Seeing clients all day long, most days of the week can prevent you from propelling your business forwards with the momentum needed to reach serious goals. We help you succeed on this journey. Firstly, we upskill you with up-to-date knowledge and know-how so you can take the actions needed to grow towards your desired future. Then, we surround you with like-minded peers who become your biggest supporters.

You’ll be feeling confident and energized by understanding how to drive your own (correct) referrals and how to connect with clients you really want to work with. We're great for those in a solo private practice up to a small mission driven team.

What you'll get from our
budding community

Sign Up

Sign Up

Sign up to a monthly subscription to access the global community. You'll have access to this plus your cohort community while completing any of our programs
Network Effect

Network Effect

Help your ideal clients find you by placing links to your blogs in the community so they get more traction. Offer to be a guest blogger for others to increase your Google power
Give and Receive Support

Give and Receive Support

Connect with others in the global community to receive feedback and offer support. This keeps you accountable and kicking goals
Monthly Education

Monthly Education

Join your peers for monthly education sessions so you can continue to grow your business and build upon your abilities

Why you'll love our community


Your serious about providing your clients with immense value


You are ready to give more than you take by sharing your expertise


Your ready to challenge your mindset and work towards establishing a robust business

Action Taker

You're ready to take actions with consistency


You can allow yourself to ask questions in our community, no matter if they are big or small


You share your wins and allow your community to celebrate with you!

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Learn more about our epic online courses

Our courses have been designed specifically for health and wellness professionals and they’re run by people who love marketing and private practice. We’re an ethical bunch, and we’re also efficient – meaning we teach you what you need to know. Running a business is hard work, and it’s our job is to make your life easier.

Check out the Foundations Course if you don’t have much experience in private practice, SEO and online branding and browse the Intensive Program if you’re already a bit of a wiz.

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