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Becoming a Provider

Focus on what you do best.
Open up your services to more people.
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Become part of our community, a trusted network of health providers.

Focus on what you do best

You’re in the business of helping people. This can be a tough gig, but we’re here to help you! We want to help you grow your business, by expanding your geographic reach, providing you with limitless opportunities to connect with people no matter where they live. We also take care of usual practice concerns, like managing no shows and having those awkward conversations, and taking payments – giving you more time to focus on providing your amazing services.

A trusted network

Our providers are thoroughly vetted, so you’ll be joining a trusted network. We like to think of ourselves as a community, where we are supporting each other, and helping you to grow your business – online of course, but also in other areas. We are always learning and helping you to upskill.

What is Becon Health?

Becon Health is a multi-disciplinary end-to-end platform where clients can search for a health provider that resonates with them, make bookings, pay for their appointments and have their video sessions right here. It’s simple, and flexible for clients, but also works to provide more opportunities for you and reduces your business risk.

Our aim is to open up access to healthcare, via secure video. Becon Health is robust because it was developed to suit the needs of private practice. Providers use Becon Health as a way to reach new clients, outside of their local area. Others use it with their current clients, as a way to keep them engaged in between face to face sessions, or offering it as an alternative for people that require much more flexibility in when and how they have their appointments.

Our platform values people’s time, reducing the need for people to travel and increasing convenience. It mimics a face to face session, by being multi-disciplinary in nature, so that it’s easy to refer your clients to additional supporters, just like you would as a usual part of your practice.

Becon Health is a great network of psychologists, mental health social workers, occupational therapists, accredited exercise physiologists and scientists, nutritionists, dietitians, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and diabetes education providers.



How does Becon Health work?

When clients make their booking with you on the platform, their payments are taken automatically at the time of booking, and their sessions are conducted online over secure integrated video right here. There is nothing to download, so it's tech-friendly for your clients. We take care of the messy things like cancellation fees.

What is the process for joining our community?

Once you’ve entered in your relevant details, we check them and let you know that you’re ready to go and create your profile. As part of your onboarding process, we schedule a short video session with you where you talk to a real person! Here you will be given some video session tips, we’ll answer any questions you may have, and of course welcome you to Becon Health! After that, you simply keep your availability updated, and then do what you do best – provide your services through your online appointments. We also have a regularly updated help section.

What are the costs?

There is a percentage fee that is taken from your session fee, meaning that you only pay for what you use, keeping things economical for our network of health providers and their clients. After the deducted percentage fee, your session income makes its way to your nominated bank account within 48 hours (during normal business hours, Monday to Friday AEST) of you having the session.

Get ready to see your next client.