How Psychologists are changing their own lives and connecting with the right clients

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I remember when a mentor asked me to work out how much my bricks and mortar private practice needs to earn per hour to break even. The answer was $250/hour. I remember the internal stress I would hide from my staff and clients when we had no shows and were negative $250/hour! It was certainly a lightbulb moment for me. Thankfully times are changing!

Imagine finishing your day feeling totally free and knowing that you’ve truly helped people. Not only that, but understanding you were the right choice for those clients out of all of the psychologists they could have chosen to see. Even knowing that all of your efforts to grow your business are resulting in tangible outcomes that you actually desire. Well now you can experience all of this, and there’s a growing number of psychologists already travelling down this new path.

To do this, there are two big items to discuss. The first, is realizing that you need to start providing your services online, over video. The biggest barrier here, is never your client – it’s you! I can tell you, that you will become excellent at reading micro expressions, which gives you great insight into your clients and what they’re experiencing. By session two, you will have got the idea. After your 10th video session ever, you will also be much more confident directing your clients so they are set up properly “can you please put the lamp in front of your face so I can see you better”, “make sure the light isn’t behind you”. It’s not usual for psychologists to tell people what to do, but in getting the set up right, it’s important. Video has an added benefit – you can do it from anywhere that has a quiet space! You can cut down on room rental costs, you can avoid traffic, you can get your time back.

The second item, and the most important, is niching down to painlessly find your right clients. In an online world, you don’t have to be seen by everyone. When you’re marketing your amazing services ethically and effectively you will have plenty of clients. But you have to get your messaging right and ensure your appealing to the exact client you wish to support.

For example, if you were to market yourself as ‘the psychologist that treats anxiety’, no one would find you, and in fact no one cares. Instead, you can niche down much, much more and connect with a person at a deeper level. You might be the psychologist that ‘enables you to move past and around a very painful moment in your life, like when someone passes away so that you can get more on track, and start to feel less sad, calmer, and interested in what the next moment holds’. Can you imagine the different impact each one of those descriptions would have on your potential client?

When a client finds you online, rapport is already being established. If you resonate with them, through your articles and videos, they will book in and see you. They have chosen you, because you are the best fit for them. They will enjoy their experiences, and you will help them reach their goals effectively and efficiently.

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