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There is a growing number of psychologists who are very purposefully and painlessly finding their ideal clients. Gone are the days where we just take any referral for clients that may or may not be an excellent fit. We’re now taking control over the way we feel at the end of the day (uplifted and energized!) and we’re ensuring that our clients are receiving the best support possible.

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I remember when a mentor asked me to work out how much my bricks and mortar private practice needs to earn per hour to break even. The answer was $250/hour. I remember the internal stress I would hide from my staff and clients when we had no shows and were negative $250/hour! It was certainly a lightbulb moment for me. Thankfully times are changing!

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A gigantic $200 BILLION was spent on just mental health services alone in the USA in 2017. That’s on par with the annual GDP of Oregon! It’s fair to say that things need to change, and the good news is, they are. Health and wellness services need to be provided to clients in whichever way they want to access them, to ensure they get the support they’re looking for. This includes providing video based support.