Now Psychologists are painlessly finding their ideal clients

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There is a growing number of psychologists who are very purposefully and painlessly finding their ideal clients. Gone are the days where we just take any referral for clients that may or may not be an excellent fit. We’re now taking control over the way we feel at the end of the day (uplifted and energized!) and we’re ensuring that our clients are receiving the best support possible.

Psychologists that are doing this very well, are the ones that are getting very specific about who it is they want to see as a client. Why? One word – Millennials!

So, 50% of Millennials don’t trust referrals from their physicians and have gone online to do their research on YOU. They want to feel connected to you way before seeing you. They don’t seem to care that you’re a psychologist, they more care about who you are as a person, and assume that you will have the skills needed to help them.

By being findable online, you are building trust with your new clients. You’re allowing them to get a sense of you, so they can figure out if you’re a good fit for them. How cool is that? When you get specific about who your ideal client is, you can create a clear path to reaching this  “persona” online. We call this ‘niching down’.

This is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle. If you market yourself as someone who helps people with anxiety, no one cares, and no one hears you – because you’re not resonating at an individual level. So, what is a niche? For effect, it’s “helping Vegans to feel less socially isolated at events, and to be able to communicate about their cause with more confidence so they feel empowered” rather than “an expert in people going Vegan”. The first example allows for more connection. The second really tells us nothing, but is far more common on psychology websites!

If you are purposeful about your promotion efforts, and really focus on connecting with your ideal client within a niche, you will be able to grow your business in an ethically and sustainable way. You will feel empowered, and your clients will have next level engagement with you. Help them find you!

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