Now Social Workers are painlessly finding their right clients

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There is a growing number of social workers who are very purposefully and painlessly finding their right clients. Gone are the days where we wait for physician referrals for clients we may or may not want to see. It’s time to take control over the way we feel at the end of the day and ensure that our clients are receiving the best support possible.

Social workers that are doing this really well, are the ones that are getting very specific on the type of clients they are willing to see. They are excellent communicators in the online space and are able to build rapport in an online setting, even prior to seeing their clients for the first time. For example, Millennials are now doing their own research online and 50% don’t trust referrals from their physicians. They want to read your articles and watch your videos. They want to have a good sense of who you are, not what you are. This is a great way to build trust - you’re letting them figure out if you’re a good fit for them. This makes for a far more interesting and insightful session!

In order to help them do this, you need to be findable online. You can’t be findable (in a viable business type of way) unless you know why you do what you do, and who your ideal clients are. To start with, all of your content online needs to be directed at one particular person or “persona”. Once you are connecting well with this person you might add another persona. But again, keeping it very niche.

However, I am 99% sure that your current version of niche isn’t niche enough. So, what is a niche area? For effect, it’s “helping Vegans to feel less socially isolated at events, and to be able to communicate about your cause with more confidence so you feel empowered” rather than “an expert in people going Vegan and in reducing anxiety”. The first example allows for more connection. The second really tells us nothing, but is far more common on wellness professional’s websites!

If you are purposeful about your promotion efforts, and really focus on connecting with your ideal client within a niche, you will be able to grow your business in an ethically and sustainable way. You will feel empowered, and your clients will be connecting with you at better level. Help them find you!