Social Work is progressing, make sure your practice isn't left behind

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A gigantic $200 BILLION was spent on just mental health services alone in the USA in 2017. That’s on par with the annual GDP of Oregon! It’s fair to say that things need to change, and the good news is, they are. Wellness services need to be provided to clients in whichever way they want to access them, to ensure they get the support they’re looking for. This includes providing video based support.

Video based support is becoming more popular, particularly with millennials who are demanding more convenience. Conducting professional wellness services over video is growing across the industry, with PTs and Occupational Therapists leading the way. There are a number of reasons for this. There is a growing trend among wellness professionals to find their ideal clients – those they truly want to help. No longer are we simply accepting anyone, we are niching down and are starting to differentiate ourselves within our professions.

As wellness professionals, we can find it hard to put our business hat on. We have many competing priorities. And because of this, we can sometime be resistant to change. Which is fascinating given we change people’s lives! Not only do we need to provide our services over video, but we also need to be found by our ideal clients online. Millennials don’t want a referral from their physician. They do their own research online and make an informed choice about which wellness professional they will see to obtain support. So, when they do their research, we need to make sure we’re a contender! We do them a disservice if they can’t find us, and we are the best match for them.

On the flip side, there is a high burn out rate across wellness professions which surely impacts client outcomes. Thankfully things are changing here too. Many social workers are only accepting cash payments and are doing away with insurers. Again, providing services over video opens up the number of potential clients we can communicate with. This is freeing. Finally, we’re able to do the work we spent years studying to do! And, achieve quality of life at the same time!