The new trend in Social Work that's changing people's lives

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Did you know that 50% of millennials don’t trust referrals given to them by their physician? Those aged between 23 and 38 years now go online to do their own research before selecting the right wellness professional to help them. In the world of private practice social work, this means we need to change.

No longer do we have to see whoever walks in through the door just to pay the bills. We don’t like to think that this happens, but it’s a reality for many of us. Sometimes it works out well, but other times we’re left feeling burnt out. Times are changing, and it doesn’t have to be so hit and miss. As social workers, we can now see our ideal clients, and so we should. When we see the right clients, we’re empowered and motivated, and our clients receive better quality support.  

No longer do clients want to see ‘a social worker’, they want to see the person who feels made for them. They choose based on a mix of our personality traits, our vibe, as well as skill set. We need to be able to niche down so that we can be found in an online world. We can’t be ‘a social worker that has an interest area in anxiety’. We need to define exactly who we’re attracting – ‘a social worker for parents that are experiencing transition issues as their now adult children are leaving the family home’. Our messaging needs to be clear, to cut through the rest of the noise.

We are doing a disservice to our potential clients by not communicating as effectively as possible. With highly specific and ethical marketing practices online, we can now draw our ideal clients closer. If you are the perfect social worker for them, then they should see you, because their experience will be more effective and efficient. We need to learn to differentiate more within our profession, so that client outcomes can continue to increase.

We need to drive our own referral pathways, independent of traditional sources like physician referrals. When we do this, and are attracting our ideal clients, we can finish our day feeling uplifted, energized and knowing that we’ve truly made a difference in someone’s life.