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Hi!, I’m Nicole, and I’m a qualified Psychologist. Thanks for viewing my profile. I have worked with clients in vocational, career and therapeutic settings for over 10 years. Generally I work with people to gain a deeper self-understanding of their wellbeing, self care, life events, negotiating complex work or private relationships, careers, fertility and all in all, negotiating this thing we call life.

My style is collaborative, transparent and such a huge part of change and healing is being able to trust, let's work on that together. I will not dictate direction, that can be frustrating, but this is about you.... not my decisions for you. Think of me more like the best cheerleader and strategic wellbeing planner you'll have (along with evidence based therapeutic strategy).

I have worked in regional and remote areas, offshore detention centres, FIFO and of course in the city. I like all the people in this vast country of ours, everyone needs great healthcare.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a booking to improve your wellness, I’d love to see you!


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