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Hi there! With 10 years experience in weight management, vegetarian and vegan diets, food intolerance (FODMAPS and elimination Diets) and cardiac health, you can trust I know how to help you make strategic and lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoy seeing positive changes in my clients health.

Qualification: Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics

Memberships: Dietitians Association of Australia, Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist

Through my clinical work, I have seen a wide range of patients including heart disease, renal disease, diabetes, IBS, and cancer. Also during this time I have become experienced in weight management, diabetes, food allergies and intolerance and plant based diets since refocusing my work within a private practice environment. This also gives me the opportunity to prevent and reverse chronic disease though diet, which is one of the most exciting parts of the profession.

Food Intolerance

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food intolerance is increasing, some theories suggest the increased use of antibiotics affecting our gut microbiome, or an immune system that is over sensitised due to a clean environment and 'looking for something to attack'. The FODMAPS Diet and some probiotics have been found to be effective tools to manage irritable bowel syndrome and I have found using both of these methods give my clients the best results. The FODMAPS diet can be implemented easily and strategically and is only a temporary diet in order to understand what might be causing your IBS.

Another form of intolerance is food chemical intolerance which can cause one or more of a range of symptoms, some you would least expect including asthma, IBS, hives, migraines, anxiety, insomnia and rhinitis. The RPAH diet has been developed to understand which components in foods might be causing these symptoms. I have had further observation at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital seeing first hand the pioneers of the RPAH diet (Dr Anne Swain and Immunologist Dr Rob Loblay) working wonders on their patients. With personal and family experience with both IBS and chemical food intolerance as well as the improvements I have seen clients with food intolerance I understand how much food can influence our health.

Both FODMAPS and RPAH diets are research based short term dietary tools to help you clearly learn what foods are affecting your body. This gives you the knowledge to have control over your symptoms and easily manage your day to day life.

Plant Based Diets

Plant based diets have health, ethical and environmental benefits. I aim to tweak your plant based diet to ensure it provides you with optimum health. There is always the risk of a nutritional deficiency with any diet, this is why it is mandatory in Australia to supplement breakfast foods with certain minerals and vitamins such as iodine and folic acid. Unfortunately these regulations are created for main stream diets and do not always fit in with vegan/plant based diets. It would recommended experienced in plant based diets to see a dietitian to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your diet. Plant based diets are a passion of mine and I have published an ebook with an analysed meal plan in this area. If requested I can also provide you with computerised dietary analysis to ensure you are meeting your nutrient requirements.

When you see me together we will create individual strategies for you as well as a meal plan and I will email out all resources for you to keep. I'm focused on making eating simpler and more enjoyable while achieving your individual goals. 

Connect with me today and be on the road to improving your health!

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