4 Weeks. 4 Foundations. 

Connect with the right clients & grow your practice 

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Be supported by a cohort of like-minded wellness professionals & go-getters

Why people undertake the foundations course

This course is designed for health and wellness professionals who want to spark their business growth. These are the first steps you need to take to be successful in an online environment.  

Grow your confidence, feel empowered to take more control of building your business.

Seasoned business owner? See our advanced course.
The Foundations

Who are you serving?

Attract your ideal clients by truly understanding who they are through the power of Niche Marketing. People want to feel like you’ve been made just for them, so tailoring your message is key. Build your client persona, niche down, get direction. This foundation is the cornerstone of your business, so getting it right from the start is essential in building a sustainable practice.

Why them? Why you? Why do you do what you do?

People don’t connect with what you do, they connect with who why you do it . Your “Why” is just as important as your clinical capability, and it has to align with your who. Harness your why, learn to tell your real origin story, and transform your “elevator pitch” or “about me” page into something your clients will actually connect with.

Be where your clients are searching for you - online


Your online presence is the gateway to engaging ideal clients in a way that provides real value, right from the start. Identify what social media platform they hang out on, and learn how to nurture them into paying clients. Make sure your content is reaching the people who really need it by understanding how to use Facebook ads to your advantage (and not spend thousands of dollars doing it!). 

Provide real value, right from the start 


Creating quality online content not only supports your ideal clients, it establishes your credibility in your online niche. Learn how to write impactful blogs, build a content catalogue on your website, and effectively engage your ideal clients. Feel supported as you create, publish, and share your content with our community and coaches.  

Next Foundations Course Begins November 2019
The Community
When you undertake the Foundations Course you’ll gain exclusive access to our global, online community of like-minded wellness professionals. It’s a hive of knowledge, learning, support and fun where we all share our experiences and give as much as we receive. We’d love to see your face their too! 90% of graduates opt to remain in the community after the course. So it must be good!
What our community says:
"A great course run by actual health professionals and marketing experts which focuses on practical and tactical skills and tools that empower you to take control of your own ability to grow your business the way you want"
- Andrew D.
"I am a graduate and never worked so hard and so focused on my potential for delivering telehealth services. I would recommend this program to people especially in a solo or small practice, and want to help people who just cannot get to your clinic. "
- Denise S.
"I was dabbling in, and trying to get together that whole personal brand for myself, and then being introduced to Becon was a stepping stone into that world"
- Matt H.
Who We Are
CEO | 3x Founder | MBA

Head of Community
Programs Manager | Coach

3x Founder | 3x Agencies Consultant | 20+ years in Marketing 

We're Here For The Long Term

After your course you have long term access to the recorded live video sessions. You can watch them again at your own pace and continue implementing actions to grow your business successfully. 

Save Money

Quality business coaches charge at least $2000 per month to support your business. 

That’s $24,000 a year, minimum!

That’s hard to swallow. A supported DIY option is a great alternative to growing your business, and it’s empowering too! Here's what you can look forward to:


  • 4x live learning and education workshops (value of $2,000)

  • Heaps of Digital Resources (value of $500)

  • Access to experts in between live sessions (value of $4,000)

  • Access to your private cohort’s online community + our global community for 1 month (value of $400)

  • Long term access to video content (value = priceless) 


Total Value = Over $6,000!

(Our course is less than this, don’t worry!)

Our graduates and community members are delighted
Denise - Occupational Therapist, Director of Breast and Shoulder Rehab

Denise is recognized as a forward thinking leader in breast cancer rehabilitation in Australia and beyond. Empowering breast cancer survivors to achieve their best self through managing unwanted side effects from surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

Drew – Exercise Physiologist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Director Movement EP

Drew does things differently. He doesn’t subscribe to a specific system or style of exercise, but rather use what works best for his clients, guided by the principle of Human Movement, Sports Science and Chinese Medicine. Craft your Personal Practice, Recharge your Energy, and move Pain Free

Helen – Mental Health Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Director Realising Possibilities

Helen is exceeding expectations one client at a Time. Whether you have experienced trauma, are struggling with anxiety & stress, or major loss, with Helen’s support you can expect empathy, understanding and opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and change unhelpful behaviour patterns.

Jane – Dietitian, Founder Dietitians Adelaide & Blue Lime Nutrition

Jane loves sharing her passion, food knowledge and using scientific methodology, to help clients personalize their own food choices for better health and wellbeing. When a plant-based diet is your choice, Jane guides you to reach your optimum health. 

Kiah – Dietitian, Owner Plant Based Nutrition

Kiah’s passionate about prevention and management of chronic disease. She emphasizes the philosophy to 'eat more plants' due to the strong link between diet and many lifestyle diseases. Kiah provides personalised and practical advice that is simple, easy to follow and provide lifelong results.  

Liz – Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Owner Challenge Fitness

There's so much BS in the fitness industry, it’s Liz’s mission to cut through the crap and help you find the best version of yourself. By taking a balanced approach to Movement, Mindset, & Nutrition, you can live your best life without starving yourself or grinding your body into the ground.

Louise – Dietitian, Nutritionist, Founder Adept Nutrition Care

Louise is passionate about supporting clients, particularly middle-aged women, who are going through the process of bariatric surgery. Her deep understanding of her clients needs both pre and post-surgery means they feel truly supported every step of the way.

Matt – Exercise Physiologist, Founder of Movement Matt

Movement Matt was born of the passion and enthusiasm for sharing movement with other people. To provide a safe environment to learn and explore, grow and recover from what may have once seemed a means to an end.

The Foundations Program Registration Is NOW OPEN
Places are limited and once they are gone they are gone, so get in while you can.
Program begins November 2019
4 easy payments of $400 USD

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to process your payment

GST will be added at time of payment for Australian residents only
Or pay upfront and save $100!

You will be redirected to PayPal 
to process your payment

GST will be added at time of payment for Australian residents only

How are you different to other courses?

We specifically focus on health and wellness professionals who are entrepreneurs at heart because we are subject matter experts in this field. This means that we teach ethical marketing practices that won’t make you feel gross and have the best interests of your clients in mind.
In addition, during the 4 Week Foundations Course you have access to our online community and experts within that community. This means you won’t be left behind - we are here to support you almost 24/7! And, it doesn’t stop there, 90% of program graduates opt to enter into our paid community subscription so you continue to have access to this support for as long as you want!

What are some of the difference between the 4-Week Foundations Course and 3 Month Intensive Program?

The 4-Week Foundations Course gives you the base level of knowledge and actions that you need to start growing your business in terms of revenue and satisfaction. The 3 Month Intensive Program is like undertaking a mini-MBA for 3 months. Most people need to dedicate 3-10 hours on top of the live sessions that take place (1.15 hours per week). The people who get the most out of the course are active members of our online community who also have established private practices or side gigs. If you haven’t yet begun to develop your business online, we recommend undertaking the 4-Week Foundations Course first up. 

How does the course run over the 4 weeks?


  • Each week there is a live online education session that takes place. While the people that do best are the ones that attend these sessions, they are recorded so you can watch them again
  • You are given “take home learning opportunities” and once complete you upload your work into your cohort’s online community for feedback from your peers and experts
  • You will receive several templates to make your life easier
  • You have access to the online community 24/7 to post questions and make contributions
  • Course moderators and experts are online to help you Monday to Friday
  • During the course you also have access to our global community where there is even more educational sessions and support

What if I miss a session?

You’re out! Just kidding. All live sessions are recorded and you have long term access to this information. We don’t say ‘forever’ because best practice in this area changes quickly and we update our courses every time we run them. This is why opting to remain part of our community after you graduate is an excellent idea - you’ll always have new information at your fingertips.

We highly recommend attending as many live sessions as possible, so you have an opportunity to ask specific questions and get valuable advice for your business. 

Is it for me?

We don’t offer a ‘quick fix’. There are no cutting corners here. Just following robust strategies that work. This course is for dedicated health and wellness professionals who are on the journey of growing their business both in terms of satisfaction and revenue. If you have a higher purpose and truly want to help your clients, while being able to pay your mortgage, then this is for you.

What if I don’t like the course?

If you have completed the first online live session, your ‘take home learning opportunity’ and participated in the online community and haven’t gained any value from it, we’ll refund your payment minus a $100 admin fee. Refunds must be requested within 7 days of the course starting. No refunds are provided after the first 7 days. 

I’ve heard about a referral program? (3 month program only)

That’s right. As you will soon learn, asking for referrals from your favorite clients is an excellent thing to do, because they attract more favourite clients!

When you refer a friend who completes the course with you, you both receive $100 to put towards the cost of your program. The $100 comes out of a future payment (if your on a payment plan), not the deposit/initial payment.

How does the payment plan work?

  • The first payment is taken upon registration and this also acts as a deposit
  • Payment 2 is due by the end of Week 2 of the course
  • Payment 3 is due by the end of Week 3 of the course
  • Payment 4 is due by the end of Week 4 of the course
Our next Foundations Program Registration is NOW OPEN
4 easy payments of $400 USD

You will be redirected to PayPal 
to process your payment

GST will be added at time of payment for Australian residents only
Or pay upfront and save $100!

You will be redirected to PayPal 
to process your payment

GST will be added at time of payment for Australian residents only