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Accredited Exercise Physiologist | Lecturer | Hydrotherapy & Pilates Advice.

"I'm Linda, and AEP, lecturer, accredited pilates instructor and hydrotherapy instuctor"


I have over 10 years experience as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). My background is in chronic disease management and in the education of how to effectively and safely incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle. I aim to really listen to your concerns, and enjoy being able to help you achieve the mobility and physical goals your're striving for.

I'm also accredited as both a Pilates matwork and Bounce Back instructor, so can provide you with a holistic approach to care and your movement goals. 

I'm also an experienced hydrotherapy instructor, and aim to provide you with advice on self-help activities in this area. I've developed a great respect for the physical properties of water and the enormous benefits water can play in physical rehabilitation.

I'm a guest lecturer at a University, to keep me busy!

About me

I get a lot of job satisfaction out of enabling my patients to achieve their goals, whether you have a crippling physical disability, or are aiming to return to work and/or sporting goals, or simply improve your mobility.

I have a young (and energetic) family and need to find creative ways to fit physical activity into my lifestyle!

I'd love to see you make a booking, so we can start reaching your goals right away!

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