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Set Your Availability as a Trusted Provider

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For first-timers, we recommend printing this page to help get you set up.

1. If you are already logged in as a provider, begin by navigating to your provider profile page. If you’re not already logged in to your Provider profile, you can do this by following these steps.

2. From your Provider profile page click the Availability Button.

3. Specific Availability which changes by day and by hour:

Select ‘New’. In the ‘Day’ drop down box, select ‘Custom’. Select the date you need to edit. Ensure 'Date From' & 'Date To' are the same date. Ensure ‘Closed’ is set to ‘No’. Enter the time period you’re available then save & close. Repeat if you have non-continuous availability on the same day – e.g. if you’re available 10-11 and 2-3 you will need to do this twice. This option, overrides your ‘global availability’ on those particular days.

4a. Global Availability e.g. for when you’re almost always available a certain time each week:

To do this: Select ‘New’ and choose the day and duration that your typically available (e.g. Mondays from 4pm to 7pm). Click save & close. You will need to do this for each day that you’re typically available. If you're only available at odd times, this option is not for you - see point 3.

4b. Global Availability needs to change for a particular date e.g. you’re normally available on Mondays from 4pm-7pm, but need to indicate you’re not available for an upcoming Monday.

To do this: Select ‘New’. In the ‘Day’ drop down box, select ‘Custom’. Select the date you’re not available. In the ‘Closed’ drop down box, select ‘Yes’ then save & close. This blanks out that day in particular without affecting your future global availability.

4c. Global Availability with partial changes e.g. you’re now available from 5pm-7pm, and not from 4pm to 5pm on an upcoming Monday.

To do this: If you go into a specific Monday and enter any other times, this will override the Global Availability for that date – essentially erasing it. To make changes, select ‘New’. In the ‘Day’ drop down box, select ‘Custom’. Select the date in question, and then enter the time your actually available, not when your unavailable. Ensure the ‘Closed’ drop down box is set to ‘no’. Then save & close. Doing this doesn’t affect your future global availability.

5. Syncing:

You can sync your Becon Health calendar to other calendars that respond to the ‘iCal format’, this includes Microsoft Outlook. Your unique code is found in ‘Settings’ (drop down box next to your photo and name on the top right of the screen).

6. Deleting:

Under ‘My Availability’ tab, you can delete your timings if they’re no longer relevant.

7. Checking:

Go back to ‘At a Glance’ tab to view your calendar to confirm the above information has been entered correctly.