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Setting up your room to deliver a successful online Becon Health experience

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A well designed room is an integral part of delivering allied health services online over video, ensuring that the provider-client interaction is the focus, and not the technology. We want your clients to be able to connect with you, and for good rapport to be established. In this article we’ll provide suggestions on how to set up your room to ensure a successful session, based on industry best practices.


Picking the right room

It is equally important for both the provider and client that you pick a quiet, well-lit, private room that is free from distractions – similar to what you’d expect if doing the session in-person. For services such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy, you may also need to ensure you have sufficient room to move around. For clients who require a support person present with them in the session, make sure the room is large enough to cater for them as well. Ultimately though you want to be comfortable in the room you use.

Some additional room considerations:

  • Lighting – To ensure a natural experience, use diffused lighting that does not create colour changes or cause shadowing – such as from in front of you. Also be sure to check that backlighting from a window or strong overhead light isn’t darkening or washing out your face.
  • Background walls – Equally, background wall colours can affect your visual and interplay with your lighting. Light grey or light blue work best, however be sure to check and adjust your lighting to achieve the best result with the wall colours you have available.


Setting up your equipment

Having picked the best room to carry out your Becon Health video session, next you need to ensure that your equipment is appropriately set up to facilitate the best experience possible. Key considerations include:

  • Ensure you have no objects or furniture blocking your camera that could cause a distraction for the other person.
  • Make sure your camera’s field of view sufficiently covers your face, torso, and anything else that needs to be visible during the session.
  • The ideal alignment for your camera is at eye-level, which can be achieve by having your webcam positioned on top of your monitor, as is generally the case for built-in webcams in laptops.
  • Your microphone should be positioned so that your voice comes through clearly without distortion, echoes, or background noise, and is loud enough for the other person on the Becon Health session to hear.
  • If you do need to move around as part of your session, ensure there are no trip hazards present. Check out our help post on confirming you have a sufficient internet connection to ensure that you have a quality Becon Health experience.


Room Checklist

To summarise, here is a quick and handy checklist for setting up your room for a successful Becon Health video session.


Quiet area free from distractions and background noises  
Sufficient room to move (where necessary)  
Sufficient lighting that doesn’t cause shadowing or colour changes  
No windows or backlighting causing over exposure or darkening  
Light, consistent background walls  
Ensure there are no trip hazards present in the room  


No objects blocking camera view  
No items in the camera field of view that could cause a distraction  
Camera field of view sufficiently covers face, torso and (if required) necessary range of motion  
Camera aligns with your eye-level  
Your microphone is position to give clear audio  
You have a sufficient internet connection  


(Source: University of Queensland)