What is a Sports Physio?

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What is a Sports Physio?



A sports physio is an expert with a specialty in physiotherapy that focuses on injuries and health issues related to sports and athletes. With professional athletes, injuries are different and sometimes more severe due to the high stress that is put on the body during workouts and competitions. Atheltes tend to push their muscles, joints and bones to the limit in order to achieve better performance results and because of that, the risks of injuries are higher.



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Physiotherapists in Australia register with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) where they receive on-going professional training and regular updates. Moreover, by the national law in Australia, a practising physiotherapist has to be registered with the Physiotherapists Registration Board in the state in which they are practising. Physiotherapists have to obtain a qualification equivalent to a bachelor, masters or professional doctorate program in the field.



The sports physiotherapist will help an athlete to recover from their injuries, guide him through the process, both practically and theoretically, provide them with the relevant information and the tools to prevent future complications. A sports physio takes time to educate the athlete about their condition and all the general medical knowledge that might apply to them.



Sports physiotherapists have a in depth understanding of sports injuries, and they know how to address acute or chronic pain in the muscles, joints and bones. They are equipped with the tools to help athletes with the overuse of their body.  No matter the age, gender or the type of sport an athlete is engaged in, a sports physio will help overcome difficulties.



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You can get to know the professionals through their work, evaluate their experience and see if that relates to the problems you are facing. You would not have to go through the trouble of wasting time or being disappointed by the service you have been given.



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What does a physiotherapist do?



One of the most important questions when you are considering scheduling an appointment is what does a physiotherapist do?

  • Treats injuries, diseases or disorders through exercises and massages
  • Advises you on the diagnosis and points out the critical details
  • Prepares a work-out plan
  • Provides treatment for people who have chronic or acute pain in their muscles, bones or joints
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Improves performance
  • Alleviates pain and restores function to the injured parts of the body
  • Helps you get better sooner and in a more productive, healthy way
  • Educates you about your condition
  • Points out the appropriate literature for you to learn more about your health issues
  • Helps you recover from surgery
  • Improves your overall lifestyle
  • Maintain your health
  • Helps you reduce the risk factors in your life



A good physiotherapist is focused not only on your particular concern but also on the overall health of your body. They will describe and demonstrate how every aspect of your body is working together, which diet is appropriate for a faster recovery and what you can do to improve your quality of life. A sports physio is engaged more in the prevention of risk in an athlete’s life, recovery from sports injuries and improving the performance of the athlete by giving them advice and providing guidance.



Chiropractors vs Physiotherapists



What is a chiropractor?



A chiropractor uses his hands to align the spine with the musculoskeletal structure of the body in a proper way, meaning he uses spinal manipulation or some alternative method to relieve you of pain. The chiropractic treatment is based on the belief that if the spine is aligned correctly, it will help heal the body faster and without additional medication or surgery. Through manipulation techniques, mobility to the joints that are restricted by tissue injury is restored.



The chiropractor typically treats neuromuscular disorders by using adjustment techniques. The goal is to eliminate misalignments in the spine and relieve the patient of pain and discomfort. Chiropractic in itself is a form of alternative medicine founded by Daniel David Palmer during the late 1890s.



What differentiates chiropractors vs physiotherapists?



  • Treatment methods 

As you can conclude by now, the treatments methods used by a chiropractor and a physiotherapist are very different in their nature, even though the goal is the same. A chiropractor will use some form of manipulation in order to adjust the spine in the proper place, while a physiotherapist will focus on the part of your body that was injured and your overall health by using massages, work-outs and adequate exercises.



  • Education and  academic background

Both professions undergo processes of certification and have a similar academic background in Australia. With the key difference in the fields they study, a chiropractor has a Diploma of chiropractic science, and a physiotherapist has a Diploma of physiotherapy.



  • Practice

The practice between these two professions is also similar, but it still has a few differences. Physiotherapist tends to look at the body as a whole, so when they work with the patient, they have the overall health in mind, not just the parts where the problems occur. A chiropractor is mostly focused on the spine and the proper placement in the musculoskeletal structure.



If your injuries stem from being a professional athlete, then your best course of action would be to consult with a sports physio. Sports physiotherapy is a speciality, and the specifics of the injuries are closely tied to your lifestyle of high performance and additional stress on the body.



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