Painlessly find your ideal clients
Grow your business online
Be supported every step of the way

It's time to take action!

Your clients want to feel like you've been made just for them. It's all about connecting with the right person, not just any person.

Did you know that 50% of millennials don’t trust referrals from their physicians and are now searching for you online? This is the time to take action because times are changing!

We want to empower you, so your ideal clients can find you! Many wellness professionals have chosen us to help them on this journey.

Developed by wellness professionals for wellness professionals, we get you because we've been there and know there's a better way to growing your business.

The Becon Health community is made up of  
wellness professionals that are totally invested in their clients

What's on offer?

Our 12-week action orientated course sets you up for success. One of the largest issues we hear from wellness professionals is the difficulty you have in being findable online.

We solve this! You implement a robust online marketing strategy, so you know exactly where and when to spend your time and you start seeing tangible results. You begin to really connect with your ideal clients and have total control over your referral pathway.

Upon graduation, you can enter the empowered Becon Health online community where you continue to be supported by people on the same journey as you. This keeps you accountable and kicking goals, but also gives you access to the giant impact that our network effect brings.

And, so you can scale your business, we give you access to the Becon Health end to end tech platform. This is where your clients book, pay, and have their session with you over integrated video (or in your consulting room). No more lost funds through no-shows or awkward conversations! And no more administration!

What our community is saying

ACT NOW to secure your place!

Our action orientated LIVE course is only open to the first 25 (selected) wellness professionals. 
We review each application and your selection is subject to qualifications and fit.

The course, community and platform are right for you if:

You’re motivated to find your ideal clients (even if you don’t know how to do that just yet!), build genuine connections, and grow your online practice (perhaps in addition to your in person practice)
You can dedicate time each week to growing your online business (are you in the business of connecting with your ideal clients every week, or just once a year?!)
You want to be a part of something much bigger! You want to contribute to our online community of wellness professionals and you are humble enough to ask for and receive support
You’re willing to just give things a go! We can teach you everything you need to know. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of social media engagements, or zero.
You want to understand HOW to reach and connect with your ideal clients online while being genuine and true to yourself
You’re willing to unlearn certain practices to make room for new, more effective ones
You want to take a holiday, knowing that your business will continue to grow without you being present!
You want to work more flexibly, in a way that you have total control
You read this and part of you is scared, and the other part of you is bursting at the seams to sign up! You should do that now.


This is not for you right now if:

  • You only want to see patients in a traditional brick and mortar setting

  • You want to see as many patients as possible, rather than seeing the right patients

  • You are unable to prioritize 1-6 hours per week to grow your business

  • You are looking for a traditional referral source (because we are all about you taking control over how your ideal clients find you)

We hope you recognize part of yourself in Option A, but if you don’t that’s okay, now is simply not the right moment for you. Keep following us though, because we really want to change your perspective and set you up for success and see you obtain more freedom and flexibility. 

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