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Psychologist for Adolescents | Bullying | Sexual Abuse.

About me: Hi there! I'm Michael, a Registered Psychologist, I have been in and around Psychology since 2000, and as you can see by my photo I've been around the traps once or twice - so I've got a little bit of life experience.

How I can help:
Well the reality is, I want to help you. I've been doing this job for far too many years that I care to remember as I've worked in private practice, I've worked at 2 Headspace centres, I've worked as a Manager of a large organisational employee assistance program and I've worked at 2 Lifelines as both a counsellor and as a supervisor.

About the services I provide: I'm a Psychologist which basically means that I see many different people for many different things, however I do have special interest areas in Adolescents, Bullying &/or Sexual Abuse.

I'm an evidenced based Psychologist - that means I only practice psychology that works- I wont tell you to go hug a tree - cos no-one likes splinters?!?!?
I WILL be practising homework with you- I want you to get better- I WILL hold you to account- I want you to achieve your goals- I WILL tell you how it is- I want you to be under no illusion that you can become the best you can be.


Qualifications: BA Psychology & GDIP Psychology, Registered with AHPRA.


Other things to note: I'm only available via Becon Health. I tend to get booked out very heavily so I encourage people to book in for multiple sessions at a time to ensure you ‘have your spot’, as my calendar can fill up quickly. I don't profess to know everything- so I undergo regular supervision with other Psychologists to help me to expand my knowledge. 

If you think we can work together - book an appointment via Becon Health and lets get on with it!!!


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