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Psychologist for life transition, anxiety, depression, trauma and more.

About me: I have been helping people alleviate stress and improve their lives for over 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy assisting people by helping them to get back on track with their lives, enabling them to cope with whatever life has thrown at them. Often people come to see a psychologist when they feel stuck and emotions are overwhelming them. I always find it a privilege to be able to guide, support a person by unlocking their own strengths and strategies, to live life to the fullest, according to what is most important to them.

How I can help: Choosing the right psychologist can be a very scary business. It can be difficult if you’re feeling vulnerable and are unsure about how a 'complete stranger' might be able to help you. In my counselling, I always strive to give to my clients the highest level of respect, being non –judgmental, and compassionate, with an emphasis on tapping into a people's personal strengths to help them achieve their goals.

About the services I provide: While people can see me for a range of things, I have found myself working largely with adolescents, and older women and men in areas such as; life transition, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I am experienced in many different therapeutic styles including CBT, Motivational interviewing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Verified Qualifications: MPsych, Registered Psychologist

Other things to note: I am available for regular appointments on Becon Health. I encourage my clients to book multiple appointments, to ensure a time that suits best for their busy schedules! All the experiences obtained during my career (and also personal experiences) are difficult to summarise in a few lines, so if there is something in particular you are looking for help with, book in with me for a session that you feel comfortable with.

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