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Hi!, this is Vicky, a qualified Mental Health Social Worker. 

Vicky Omifolaji has dedicated her life to helping people by the hundreds, the thousands.  Vicky endured much adversity and hardship in Nigeria until she left for South Africa seeking a better life. Despite her university degree, she was unable to find employment EVER, after years of attempts and thousands of job applications. She then immigrated to Australia where she worked hard to achieve a double master’s degree in counseling and social work respectively and became a licensed/clinical accredited counselor and psychotherapist, or more specifically a Clinical Adversity Authority AND a Private Achievement Coach. 

As a CLINICAL ADVERSITY AUTHORITY, she helps people overcome ANY issues causing stress, anxiety or holding them back; and as Private Achievement Coach, she helps them accomplish FAR MORE in their career, business or life than they ever dreamed possible. The unbelievable transformations she has made in people, from saving them from certain suicide to helping them achieving true greatness is commendable...

 Inspiring Powerful Leaders all over the world with her inspiring messages in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia and also in Nigeria, Manila in the Philippines, Vicky is the Absolute Authority in Attaining Success.

 She is the Founder & Chief Trainer of ADVERSITY-TO-ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMY which teaches you to overcome your challenges; Conquer your fears; and Attain your goals and dreams, and she is also the Founder & Director of the NIGERIAN HIGH ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION (non-profit) – Inspiring and Leading a new generation of Nigerians with the tools, resources, methods, and means to attain their greater potential.

 Vicky is an author of 9 amazing books with millions of her books sold on different platforms.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a booking to improve your wellness, I’d love to see you!


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